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Board Members

Rev. Sean Johnson – President/Founder

After years of spiritual blindness, Sean has responded to the call that God has placed on his life. Moving with a heart of compassion for the hurting children of Ukraine, Sean has committed to help them through Christ based family homes. It is the same call God has given to all his people, the call to pure religion (James 1:27). Caring for others is what God expects of every Christian. Sean was ordained by House of James Ministries International on December 21st, 2012. He is married to Natalia Johnson from Mariupol, Ukraine.


Rev. Kim Johnson – Vice President/Administration

Father to Sean, Kim has taken the role of Administrator and accountability partner.




David James Platt – Treasurer/Work & Witness Coordinator

I have been blessed with a 20 plus year career with the Arizona Department of Public Safety. After watching the videos of the kids living underground and the little girl who shaved her head to protect herself from abuse, I was set to jump into the project and help out however I could. The Lord provided an opportunity for me to go to the House of James in September 2006 on a work and witness trip. In December of 2006, I returned with my family with the plan to finish the first floor living area. This trip was a real Blessing to us and only cemented our commitment to this project. I know with my whole heart that the Lord is controlling my involvement with the House of James.


Rabbi/Pastor Eric Raider – Public Relations

I have had the privilege of knowing Sean through his presentations regarding the House of James for several years. As a leader in my congregation I have always felt a greater purpose to help those in need, especially children. I am committed to this ministry, reaching out to those in need and calling attention to the House of James and the great work being done through our LORD. I am humbled and honored to serve on this board.



Kim Worcester – Secretary/Marketing and Special Events

Currently working as a Marketing Manager, I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over 30 years and we have four daughters. When I saw the pictures Sean shared of the orphans of Ukraine sleeping by hot water pipes to keep from freezing to death, I was struck by the immense need of these children. Having been adopted myself, God moved me to visit the House of James in 2006, accompanied by my two older daughters, to encourage Sean in the work of building the first family home and share the love of Christ with the children. Again in 2009, I was blessed to return with a team, including my two 15 year old adopted daughters, and give respite to the house parents and share God’s love with them and the children via Vacation Bible School and devotion times together. It is an honor to join the Lord in this work.


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